Draft System Training Tool

Assembly Includes: Draft Gear Follower Block Center Sill Yoke Draft Key Draft Key Retainer Coupler System     Additional Details: 1:5 scale assembly 5” tall x 5” wide 12” long 1.5 lb. Based on standard E coupler components  

Coupler Training Tool

Assembly Includes: Knuckle Locklift Thrower Pin Lock Coupler Head (transparent) Model Base   Additional Details: 1:3 scale assembly 8” tall x 5” deep x 5” wide 1 lb. Based on standard E coupler components  

Single Hook Rerailer Carrier

Hook and Rope Rerailer Carriers

Single Hook Rerailer Carrier (Part# PN2674) Carrier allows for easy mobility of a Rerailer by providing carrying handles. Hooks can engage to multiple interfaces of the Rerailer to better suit the users preference. When two people use these hooks to carry a Rerailer they are abiding by OSHA’s 50 lbs carry per person limit. Rope Rerailer Carrier (Part# PN2672) Rope-style alternative method of carrying the rerailers. Adjustable length carrier allows…