Lightweight Rerailing

Prior to Pennsy, rerailers weighed from 124 to 180lbs each. OSHA & NIOSH's safe lifting limit is 50lbs per person which means last generation rerailers require 3 to 4 people to lift safely. Even without the established safety lifting limits, rerailers need to be carried to derail locations, for 2 men they are difficult to carry and maneuver. Pennsy designed a light weight Inside & Outside rerailer set. Weighing less than 100lbs each, these rerailers safely fall under OSHA's & NIOSH's 2 person lift criteria.

Hand Brake Rod Slider

Pennsy engineers work to develop an innovative solution for prematurely worn wheels When a customer approached Pennsy Corporation about a problem they were having with premature wheel and brake wear on certain double stack intermodal cars, Pennsy engineers jumped right in and got their hands dirty. Via photographs and on-site inspections, the customer shared examples of the worn parts and the cars from which they came.

Brake Actuator Indicator

Getting Adjusted Pennsy Corporation maintains very collaborative relationships with their customers, so it was not a surprise for Pennsy engineers to receive a call about an issue one particular customer was having with their brake actuator indicators. The Pennsy engineering team was eager to dive right in. It appeared that the customer had several rail cars that were equipped with an air brake travel indicator that inspectors in the yard used to visually determine any need for adjustment of the braking system. The indicator system consisted of two components that were welded in place at...