An hour in the library is worth a 1000 on the bench.

Pennsy researches proposals to determine if initiating a new project is valid. Project proposals ensure that all the proper questions are asked and criteria are met to assure a project success.

  • Is the problem real?
  • What is the cause and effect?
  • How did the problem originate?
  • How was it allowed to prorogate?
  • Can we obtain failed parts for testing?
  • Can we witness the failing mechanism?
  • Is an engineering fix feasible?
  • Would the engineering fix be price competitive?
  • Who are the contacts?
  • What is the timeframe?

This analysis helps to identify the cause of the underlying problem and also defines the characteristics, timeframe and price point any solution must meet.

Once the problem has been thoroughly understood and deemed feasible, our engineering team moves to the design stage.