Over the last 20 years, our commitment to the railroad industry has led us to partner with all of North America’s major railroads. Our relationships continually help us learn more about the issues facing the industry while we create valuable new products that solve significant problems. Pennsy has also formed partnerships with leasing companies, freight car builders, short lines, and major component suppliers.

Pennsy has built strong relationships with a wide variety of manufacturers. Pennsy’s manufacturing partners include injection molders, polymer casting houses, extruders, foundries, precision stampings, and fabricators.  We are proud to say that most of our manufacturing partners are located here in the United States. Pennsy has established a multitude of manufacturing relationships to ensure the highest quality part at a price that is affordable within the competitive rail market. Pennsy’s diverse manufacturing partners allow us the capability to produce custom parts, in a multitude of disciplines, to best serve our customers end needs.

Pennsy is continually in contact with many of the governing bodies within the AAR.  We look to the various committees for guidance and approval as we integrate our various parts into the market.

As evidence to our customer satisfaction and lasting partnerships, Pennsy has received the prestigious SECO award from TTX every year since 1996.  The SECO award takes into account Quality, Cost, On Time Delivery, Customer & Technical Service as well as rating Financial and Administrative Duties. The “TTX Excellent Supplier” designation for the 2014 rating year has been awarded to suppliers having a SECO rating of at least 91.95 and an alpha designation of (A) in all categories on their Summary Rating.

Below are a few examples of products produced in collaboration with our partners…

  • Our recent partnership with ASF-Keystone resulted in new innovations in freight car truck steering required to meet new railroad specifications (M-976).
  • Pennsy’s relationship with Norfolk Southern created a safer to use Lightweight Rerailer which is now purchased by every major railroad.
  • Pennsy’s relationship with TTX led to the creation of a unique new part, the Brake Actuator Indicator, that shows brake piston travel and when brake adjustment is needed.
  • Pennsy’s partnership with Southern company led to the creation of the Brake Beam Strut Protector, which eliminates wear on the brake beam strut.
  • In cooperation with the Braking System Committee Pennsy’s Resilient Air Hose Support was developed, meeting the strict guidelines of S-4006-08.