Lightweight Rerailer 90 to 155lbs rail

Lightweight Rerailer

Part #: PN2592 Outside
Part #: PN2594 Inside
Part #: PN2597 Clamp
Part #: PN2599 Wedge

Patent Pending


Current rerailersare heavier than OSHA's & NIOSH's 2 person lifting limit, making them difficult to carry and maneuver.

Rerailers need to be carried to derail locations. Current rerailers weigh 124 to 180lbs, while OSHA & NIOSH have set the safe lifting limit at 50lbs per person. This means they require 3 to 4 people to lift safely.


Pennsy's - less than 100lbs Rerailers

Pennsy designed a light weight Inside & Outside rerailer set. Weighing less than 100lbs each, these rerailers safely fall under OSHA’s & NIOSH’s 2 person lift criteria.

Their classic ramp design lifts the wheels and guides them back onto the track. Held in place by a clamp and saw tooth locking mechanism, the rerailers will not kick out during a rerail.

Being an all cast metal design, the rerailers are durable and will survive multiple rerails.

Prevent injuries from carrying a rerailer that is too heavy and outside the OSHA & NIOSH 2 person lift limit with Pennsy’s light weight rerailers!


  • Light Weight, less than 100 lbs!
  • Proven ramp design guides wheels easily onto track.
  • Clamp and saw tooth wedge locking design keeps rerailersfrom kicking out.
  • Strong enough to reraila 6 axle locomotive.
  • Durable cast metal design will last years.

*Rerailers used in pairs, 1 clamp & 1 wedge needed for each rerailer.
*Our Made in the USA rerailers are now painted Safety Orange for easy identification.

Outside Rerailer
Inside Rerailer 90 to 155lbs rail
Part #PN2594 – less than 98lbs
Inside Rerailer
Outside Rerailer 90 to 155lbs rail
Part # PN2592 – less than 98lbs
Rerailer Clamp
Clamp – Part #PN2597
Rerailer Wedge
Wedge – Part #PN2599