Locomotive Rerailer Carrier

Part#: PN2670


  • Storage of the Pennsy Lightweight Rerailer on the locomotive of the train
  • Finding an appropriate storage location off the locomotive deck so that the Rerailer is not a trip hazard


Pennsy’s Locomotive Rerailer Carrier

Pennsy designed a light weight carrier that can hold the entire Pennsy Light Weight Rerailer set.
Attaches securely to an unused coupler of the locomotive in the closed position.
Frame of carrier weighs less than 30 lbs.


  • Securely fixed to locomotive by the coupler knuckle
  • Offers a convenient storage location for the Pennsy Rerailer that can easily be accessed by two operators and that is out of the way during normal operating conditions.
  • Holds all components of the rerailer, including saw tooth wedges and clamps
  • Durable steel tubing construction that will last years.