In 1984, John Rudibaugh, with over 20 years of experience in the railroad industry, founded Pennsy Corporation. John’s focus and passion was driven by his understanding of the railroad industry’s need for freight cars that performed better and lasted longer. Today he still serves as Pennsy’s Chairman and is actively involved with Pennsy as well as various other railroad projects. Manny Tavares, the current President of Pennsy, shares his vision of a modern, safe and efficient railroad industry.

In the mid 80’s, working with some of the foremost polymer manufacturers, Pennsy became a leading developer of engineering solutions using new polymer technologies for the railroads. The AdapterPlus steering system developed by Pennsy was one of these solutions. It is a vital component allowing three piece trucks to meet the difficult requirements of M-976.

Pennsy works with more than just polymers, we design with metals utilizing forging, stamping, and castings. Pennsy led the railroad industry to consider, test and deploy a split wedge vertical damping system, still widely used by the railroads today.

Though some of these products now belong to other companies, Pennsy continues to be an innovative developer. Pennsy’s Resilient Air Hose Support, as well as a universal product offering in polymer wear components, have become a staple in our industry.

Recently we have developed a lightweight rerailer which weighs under 100 lbs per rerailer, removing over 70lbs from the system, and has become the industry standard. Pennsy has also developed a Pedestal Roof liner that outperforms previous designs and is now used by the majority of the industry. Pennsy continues to be on the leading edge of product development and new freight applications.

Future products in development are even more exciting. Industry changing products are currently in development and are being tested. Pennsy hopes to continue to improve and change the face of our industry with unique and novel designs and continue the tradition John founded in the early 80’s.