Coupler Training Tool

Part# PN2738


Lack of visibility of internal coupler components presents an issue when training and understanding the function.

  • Coupler and Knuckle hinder visibility
  • Pinch hazards of training with full scale
  • Many critical contact points left unknown
  • Components not color coded


Pennsy’s Coupler Training Tool

  • Transparent Coupler Head, complete visibility of internal components
  • No pinch or other safety hazards
  • Mobile training tool
  • Color coded components for easy differentiation

Assembly Includes:

  • Knuckle
  • Locklift
  • Thrower
  • Pin
  • Lock
  • Coupler Head (transparent)
  • Model Base


Additional Details:

  • 1:3 scale assembly
  • 8” tall x 5” deep x 5” wide
  • 1 lb.
  • Based on standard E coupler components