Weld-On Coupler Carrier Wear Plate

Part # PN2656
Multiple Sizes Available - See Table Below


Coupler shank and carrier wear

Excessive vibration and metal-to-metal contact cause early deterioration of the coupler shank and carrier. Inferior polymer wear plates, being soft and prone to cold flow problems, significantly shorten the part’s lifespan.



Pennsy’s Coupler Carrier Wear Plate

Made from a low friction polymer with strong cold flow resistance, and high impact load tolerance for prolonged service life. The polymer wear pad is mechanically bonded to the weldable steel base plate for superior strength and provides a consistent flat surface for easy welding.


  • Low Coefficient of Friction, 0.27
  • Excellent Cold Flow Resistance
  • Easy weld-on installation
  • Mechanically bonded polymer to steel
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Lab and field testing have proven longevity and performance
  • AAR M-269 approved