Coupler Carrier Wear Plate 0.5″ Thickness

Coupler Carrier Wear Plate

Part #: PN2500-1


Coupler shank and carrier wear

Vibration and metal on metal contact can lead to premature wear of the coupler shank and coupler carrier. Competitive polymer wear plates are soft and suffer from cold flow issues, which dramatically reduces the life of the part.


Pennsy's Coupler Carrier Wear Plate

The polymer chosen for Pennsy’s Coupler Carrier Wear Plate has a low coefficient of friction, excellent cold flow resistance and ability to withstand high impact loads.

The part is easy to install and extensive lab and field testing has proven the Pennsy’s Coupler Carrier Wear Plate will outperform and outlast all other polymer Coupler Carrier Wear Plate products available on the market today.


  • Low Coefficient of Friction, 0.27
  • Excellent Cold Flow Resistance withstands high pressure and eliminates extrusion, melting point >450F, heat deflection temperature >350F.
  • Easy pop-in installation
  • Eliminates Metal-on-Metal contact, drastically reducing costly repairs.
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Eliminate coupler shank wear plates
  • Lab and field testing have proven longevity and performance