Thrower Arm E30 & F31

Part #: PN5600 (E30)
Part #: PN5610 (F31)


Poor quality and wear can cause the Thrower Arm to function poorly or break.

  •  Excess wear can impede the thrower arm from opening the coupler knuckle
  • Poor casting quality can create fit issues and prevent smooth operation of the coupler
  • Poor material quality can cause premature failure of the thrower arm


Pennsy’s line of Thrower Arms

To ensure proper function and universal fit in interchange, Pennsy’s line of Thrower Arms were designed using 3-D scans of a multitude of Throwers and Coupler bodies.
Thrower Arm dimensions and material properties are routinely checked to verify product conformity.


  • Thanks to Pennsy’s database of scanned coupling components and quality control system, Pennsy avoids many of the fit issues found in the field
  • Pennsy’s strict material controls prevent premature failures in the Thrower Arm
  • All Pennsy products are clearly marked and identifiable