Standard Long Handle Wheel Chock

Adjustable Handle Safety Wheel Chock

Part #: PN1033


Ergonomically adverse wood chocks are trip hazards with a short product life

Wheel chocks are an important safety item in any rail yard or repair facility. Wooden wheel chocks crush and splinter – thousands are thrown away each year. Chains, bolts and other foreign objects placed under wheels don’t always keep the cars or wheel sets from rolling. Also, these ad hoc arrangements typically require workers to crawl under cars to set and remove the objects, risking injury or even worse.


Resilient Polymer Wheel Chocks

The adjustable wheel chock is bright yellow with a reflective handle. This chock greatly improves visibility even in a dark shop. The adjustable handle is designed to reduce workers from bending when it is applied while simultaneously limiting potential tripping hazards.

The Pennsy Adjustable Handle Wheel Chock is made from an advanced polymer material developed to resist crushing and to provide a long product life. The adjustable handle offers flexibility to avoid interferences with rail car equipment and to avoid tripping hazards. The chock is also a permanent, bright yellow with a reflective band on the handle to ensure high visibility.


  • Crush-resistant Polymer
  • Custom Ergonomic Design
  • Increased Worker Safety and Productivity
  • Permanent, High Visibility Safety Yellow
  • Reflective band, for Increased Visibility and Safety
  • Provides Positive Railcar Securement
  • Removal of potential trip hazards

Indestructible Crush-Resistant Polymer Custom Ergonomic Designs Increased Worker Safety and Productivity Permanent, High Visibility-Color Provides Positive Railcar Securement