Cable Air Hose Support

Part # PN2783

AAR S-4006-08 Approved


Newer carabiner-style supports have entered the market for ease of use, but do not come without their issues

Allowing for quick, easy, and effective applications of maintenance items has become paramount in the railroad industry to reduce labor times, avoid delays, and eliminate failures from user error. In recent years, there has been an influx of air hose support designs with carabiners to address this concern.
Competitor designs integrating carabiner clips feature additional attachments like chord strapping, which tear and create additional failure points. Railroad duty carabiners can be quite bulky, causing a tight fit at connection points. Traditional lower profile wire clips can be difficult to use. When those in the industry prefer a low profile design that allows for fast and effective application, there must be another option.


Pennsy’s new Cable Air Hose Support combines a low profile design with hassle-free application


• Exceeds AAR S4006-2008 testing requirements.
• Easy application with simple push-in bullet/loop design.
• Low profile cable and thimble design allows for additional room at knuckle/gladhand connection points.
• Long lasting galvanized steel construction.
• Reinforced connection points virtually eliminate cable fraying