Heavy Duty Air Brake Hose Support

heavy duty-air brake hose support

Part #: PN2457

U.S. Patent# 8,167,251
U.S. Patent# 8,276,853

S-4006-08 Approved


Low-Grade Air Brake End Hose Supports Cannot Handle Railroad Demands Leading to Replacements, Adjustment Costs and Train Delays

Not all air brake hose supports are created equal, a statement made evident in railroad revenue service where inadequate supports frequently fray, tear, and fail leading to more than $15 million per year to the industry in adjustment and replacement costs. The failures result from a combination of environmental degradation in service and from peak loading typically associated with uncoupled hose flailing.

More stringent AAR specifications have necessitated a new generation of supports and attachment mechanisms specifically designed with higher performance in mind. This improved performance must come without sacrificing ease of installation and adjustment.


Pennsy’s Heavy Duty Air Brake End Hose Support

Pennsy’s heavy duty air brake hose supports with EZ-Adjust railroad-grade clips increase performance – decreases AAR billing costs.

Pennsy’s new hose support was specifically designed to meet or exceed the demands of the AAR’s revised testing specifications and the needs of the rail industry. A durable steel chain eliminates frayed cables and failed rubber strap materials. The strongest attachment clips in the industry make it simple to install and reconfigure as needed. The result is a more durable support that will last longer and not require height adjustments.


  • Exceeds AAR S4006-2008 Testing Requirements
  • Durable, Non-stretching Chain Virtually Eliminates Hose Height Adjustments
  • Railroad-Grade Attachment Clips – Strongest in the Industry
  • Impervious to Ozone Degradation
  • Fewer Hose Separations and Stoppages Yields Potential Net Velocity Increases
  • Decreased Hose Support Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Railroad-Tough SupportFewer Air Hose Separations

Tested Tough

  • Meets or exceeds all AAR S-4006-2008 Requirements
  • Strongest clips available in the industry

Railroad-Grade Heavy Duty Clips

  • Patented clip design provides extreme durability
  • Gladhand R-Clip resists rotation and lateral loading – a common cause for clip failure.
  • Easily installed and adjusted with a gloved hand

Durable Steel Chain

  • Zero stretch – virtually eliminates costs for hose height adjustments
  • Longer lasting than rubber and cable supports – reduces AAR Job Code 1165 expenses
  • Impervious to environmental and temperature extremes
  • Overcomes safety hazards associated with frayed cable supports
 Pennsy Heavy Duty Air Hose Support
The Pennsy Heavy Duty Air Hose Support offers superior performance for the harshest of applications.