TMB Trigger Lever

tmb trigger lever

Part #: PN2059 18"
Part #: PN2057 24"


Original trigger lever was metal to metal contact on regulator block, causing prema-ture wear.

Original trigger lever pot would wear and allow lever to lean, eventually allowing lever to fall behind ramp. Original lever bird beak bearing would rust and fail.


Pennsy’s TMB Trigger Lever

A large boss was added to pivot to prevent premature wear and keep lever in proper orientation.

A polymer roller replaces steel bearing, preventing corrosion and ramp wear.

A polymer cap prevents wear on ramp and guide.


  • Polymer roller eliminates rusted failed roller bearing, and also prevents ramp wear
  • Large pivot boss maintains lever position for accurate slack adjuster setting for empty or loaded railcar and prevents lever locating behind regulator block
  • Cap prevents regulator block wear
  • Increases component life of empty/load system, reducing railcar maintenance and shop time