Plug Door Guide

self lubricating plug door guide

Part #: PN2000


Wear of Plug Door Tracks by Metal Rollers

Constant vibration causes metal rollers to wear through plug door tracks, resulting in costly weld repairs. In extreme cases, the metal roller can break through the track, causing the door to disengage resulting in a serious worker safety hazard. In addition, uneven roller wear degrades the operation of the box car door, making it more difficult to open and close.


Self-Lubricating Plug Door Guide

The large bearing surface of the Pennsy Polymer Guide protects the track from concentrated loading. The low friction material enhances door operation and eliminates the problems of weld repairs and door disengagement. For additional safety, Pennsy has embedded a metal insert in the polymer guide. The self-lubricating material combined with a coated steel pin provides smooth, corrosion free operation.


  • Over 10 Year of Service Experience
  • Eliminates Track and Roller Wear
  • Costly Door Track Maintenance Reduced
  • Worker Safety Enhanced by Secure Door Attachment
  • Door Operation is Greatly Improved
  • Embedded Metal Insert for Failsafe Operation

Door Guide and Pin Application

Door Guide and Pin Application