Lumber Corner Protector – Standard

Lumber Corner Protector Standard

Part #: PN1466

US PATENT 5,878,548


Metal Protectors Pose a Worker Safety Threat

Currently, metal protectors are used at the top corner of a lumber stack to prevent tie-down cables from damaging the lumber. During loading and unloading of lumber, falling steel protectors can cause injury to ground workers. Cables can be frayed by metal protectors and can cause lumber packaging abrasion.


Pennsy Lumber Corner Edge Protectors

The polymer design of the Pennsy Lumber Corner Protector eliminates potential worker injury should the protector fall from its position while the polymer material prevents cables from fraying. The unique angle feature of our Offset Lumber Corner Protector preserves the lumber packaging. Cables are kept away from the packaging with the 1-1/8″ offset.


  • Enhances worker safety
  • Extends cable life
  • Offset reduces abrasion of lumber wrap by the cable
  • Unique cable retention feature facilitates quick application
  • Cold temperature tolerant
  • Flexible polymer material rebounds from crushing

Lumber Corner Protector