Locomotive Coupler Alignment Block

Locomotive Coupler Alignment Block

Part #: PN1024


Excess Coupler Movement on Locomotives Without Coupler Alignment Control Increases Risk for Derailment

Excessive coupler movement in many older switchers and locomotives without coupler alignment control can lead to increased potential for derailments during locomotive independent braking. Such braking can push the locomotive coupler into a jackknife position increasing he likelihood for locomotive or rail car wheel climb or rail rollover.


PENNSY Locomotive Alignment Block

The Pennsy Locomotive Alignment Block is a simple, proven device that restricts lateral coupler movement on locomotives without coupler alignment control thus reducing the risk of derailment during locative braking. Made from advanced polymers, the alignment block easily withstands the harsh railroad environment and installs in minutes using only simple hand tools without the need to shop the locomotive.


  • Restricted lateral coupler movement reduces potential for derails during locomotive independent braking
  • Proven design stands up to tough service
  • Simple installation and removal with basic hand tools – On and Off in Minutes

Locomotive Coupler Alignment BlockLocomotive Coupler Alignment Block