Handbrake Rod Slider

handbrake rod slider

Part #: PN2321


High Wheel Wear on Cars with Side Sill Mounted Handbrake Rods

Certain double stack intermodal equipment, equipped with brakes operated by a side sill mounted handbrake rod system, have exhibited extremely high wheel wear on trucks. This handbrake system does not completely release the brake shoes on the inboard truck, resulting in high wheel wear.
The location with the highest friction is the brake rod riding on top of the side sill. This friction increases with increase in wear in the rod and rod cover.


Pennsy's Handbrake Rod Slider

A low friction, low wear polymer slider has been developed by Pennsy, for application to the handbrake rod. The slider provides improvements in friction reduction and resulting brake release.
Application of the Pennsy Slider requires no welding only basic tools to apply four slider fasteners.

The Pennsy Hand Brake Slider can be applied without shopping the car.


  • Significantly reduced friction in brake rigging
  • Improved efficiency in resulting brake release
  • Greatly reduced wheel wear
  • Eliminated metal-to-metal contact and associated wear
  • NO special tools required for application
  • Easy field installation – NO shopping of car required

The Pennsy Handbrake Rod Slider:

Friction due to contact between brake rods and sie sills can prevent brakes from fully releasing
  • Reduces brake rod friction at contact points along side sill
  • Installs simply in the field – no shopping of car
  • Restores brake rigging release to like-new or better condition

Without the Handbrake Rod Slider:

  • Friction in handbrake rigging prevents complete brake release
  • Dragging brakes dramatically shorten service life of wheels and brakes

The Pennsy Handbrake Rod Slider virtually eliminates friction in the brake rigging extending the life of brakes and wheels.

These worn wheels resulted from brakes no releasing fully