Brake Beam Strut Protector

brake beam strut protector

Part #: PN2432

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1/8" Or More Wear On The Brake Beam Strut Necessitates The Costly Replacement Of The Brake Beam Assembly

Rule 6 of the AAR Interchange Rules requires that brake beam struts that exhibit 1/8″ or greater lever slot wear must be replaced. Wear results from a combination of lever movement during brake operation and vibrational impacts at the point of contact between the lever and the strut.

Typically when a strut is found to be worn, the entire brake beam and strut assembly is replaced as a unit – a repair that costs over $200* in labor and materials plus the cost for transport and out-of-service time for the rail car.


Pennsy's Brake Beam Strut Protector

The Pennsy Brake Beam Strut Protector is a specially-designed product that is installed between the brake lever and the strut, thus eliminating direct contact between the lever and the bearing surface on the strut.

Testing has shown the Pennsy Brake Beam Strut Protector to have a wear potential that is approximately double that of an unprotected strut slot. In the event the Strut Protector becomes worn or damaged, it can be quickly and easily replaced without special tools and at a fraction of the cost to replace a brake beam.
The Pennsy Brake Beam Strut Protector can be installed on both new and existing brake struts, effectively eliminating slot wear on new brake beam struts and preventing further wear on partially worn struts.**


  • Low cost preventive maintenance on new brake beam struts
  • Low cost repair on partially worn struts
  • Can be replaced an indefinite number of times on the same strut
  • No special tools required for installation

Extend Brake Beam Service Life. Reduce Replacement Costs.

brake beam strut protector

Fits #18 and #24 Brake Beams

  • Universal design fits most manufacturer’s struts
  • Works with Straight, S-bend and Hook & Eye brake lever arrangements
  • Effectively eliminates the problem of worn strut slots thereby extending strut service life

Simple & Fast Installation

  • Remove pin retaining clip/cotter pin and slide and partially remove strut pin
  • Slide protector between lever and strut aligning center hole with strut pin hole
  • Re-insert strut pin and replace retaining clip/cotter pin
  • No special tools needed – No jacking of car required
brake beam strut protector
Brake Beam Strut Protector
The Pennsy Brake Beam Strut Protector eliminates wear between the strut and brake lever thus reducing the frequency of brake beam replacements

Fits New & Partially Worn Struts

  • Prevents slot wear on new brake beam struts
  • Halts wear on previously worn strut slots***

* Patent Pending

**Amounts based on figures published in the 2008 AAR Office Manual of Interchange Rules

***Does not repair already-condemned struts with 1/8″ or greater wear