Brake Actuator Indicator

brake actuator indicator

Part #: PN2228


Brake Actuator Travel Inspections Are Inaccurate or Are Bypassed Completely

The inaccuracy of current devices for inspecting the range of truck mounted brake piston travel and the additional labor related to this routine inspection frequently lead to an increase in unnecessary or inadequate brake adjustments or, in some cases, completely bypassed field brake inspections. Unnecessary adjustments can result in increased maintenance costs and premature wheel and brake wear. Inadequate adjustments and bypassed inspections create a potentially hazardous situation with underperforming braking.


Pennsy Brake Actuator Indicator

The Pennsy Brake Actuator Indicator is a simple, cost-effective mechanism to enable instant identification of the need for brake system adjustment during inspections on TMB-equipped rail cars. It installs in minutes without tools or welding, and helps reduce the safety risks and increased maintenance costs resulting from improperly adjusted brakes.


  • Easy-to-read visual adjustment indicator saves on brake inspection times
  • Indicator accuracy eliminates guesswork and unnecessary brake adjustments
  • No Tool – No Weld installation saves on labor and eliminates railcar down time
  • Innovative design maintains indicator accuracy independent of truck component wear and brake rigging slack/tension
  • Advanced polymer construction is virtually indestructible and impervious to harsh railroad environmental conditions
  • Simplified inspection process increases likelihood of thorough brake safety inspections

Instant and Accurate TMB Piston Travel Inspection

brake actuator indicator
TMB Piston with “Goal Post” Piston Travel Indicator.
  • “Goal Post” travel indicators lose accuracy as components wear
  • Indicators often become bent or damaged in use
  • Require inspectors to crawl under car to check piston travel
  • Simple No Tool – No Weld installation
  • Mounts directly to piston travel measuring plates
  • Provides accurate travel readings independent of brake component wear
brake actuator indicator
The Pennsy Actuator Indicator mounts securely without tools and without shopping the car.
brake actuator indicator
Easily readable indicator area makes inspection faster and safer.
  • High Visibility – Easy to read without crawling under car
  • Reduces inspection time and increases worker safety
  • Durable and Corrosion-resistant