Autorack Door Opener

Part # PN2766


Existing door openers lack proper design

Unsealing and unlocking an Autorack door can be a daunting task without the right tool. Conventionally, workers use bulky, heavy tools that constantly need to be rigged up with tape grips and have their edges re-grinded from wear. The poor ergonomics of these tools creates a pinch-point hazard for workers who often get their fingers jammed when breaking seals and unlocking the doors.


Pennsy’s Autorack Door Opener

Pennsy’s Autorack Door Opener was designed with ergo-nomics in mind. The low profile design minimizes weight while the angled unlocking arm and universal seal breaker orientation reduces the risk of hand injury. The body is dipped in a thick bright-orange rubber coating for a long lasting durable grip. The excellent wear properties of the hardened steel tool ends ensure Pennsy’s Autorack Door Opener will last longer in the field.


• Lightweight (5.4 lbs)
• Reduced risk for hand injury
• Thick and durable high visibility rubber grip
• Long lasting wear-resistant steel tool ends