Autorack Deck Plug – Multiple Slot

Autorack Deck Plug - Multiple Slot

Part #: PN1315


Plugging holes in Autorack Decks

Holes in the decks of modified railroad autorack cars allow dust and dirt to enter the car from the track, settling on fresh automobile paintwork and damaging it. Welding metal patches over the holes is costly and resource intensive.


Pennsy's Deck Plug

Our innovative solution was designed from the ground up to save time and money when plugging holes in autorack decks. The rustproof plugs may be installed by one person working from the top of the deck. The low profile textured surface of the plug does not present a tripping or slipping hazard when installed. With over ten years field service experience the Pennsy Deck Plug has proven itself in a range of conditions, including withstanding snow removal.


  • Designed for one person installation
  • Can be applied from within the car
  • Textured surface slip proof
  • Low profile not a tripping hazard
  • Weather and rustproof
  • Proven performance withstanding snow
  • removal

Single Hole Deck PLugTwo Hole Deck Plug