Autorack Bridge Plate

Part# PN2730 (56" Length)
Part# PN2734 (53" Length)
Part #2730.2 (Hinge only)

AAR M-951


Safely and Efficiently loading and unloading Automobiles in Autorack Freightcars

  • Bridge Plates are used to cross the gaps between autorack freightcars, and therefore must be strong, each plate being able to hold a 10,400 pound static load.
  • The Bridge Plates must be portable enough to allow crews to carry up and install at the top decks of autoracks. The Autorack bridge plate must weigh 40 pounds or less.
  • The riding surface of the Bridge Plate must have a durable anti-slip coating present. Worn or degraded anti-slip surfaces present a safety hazard.
  • Current hinge designs degrade due to the demanding operating environment and are continually replaced.


Pennsy’s High Capacity Bridge Plate

  • Pennsy’s High Capacity Bridge Plate is made from aerospace grade aluminum, one of the strongest in the market.
  • Pennsy’s bridge plate undergoes very little distortion when a load is applied to it. Competitor bridge plates distort greatly.
  • Our aluminum is primed with an advanced E-coat primer, then a high-visibility anti-skid epoxy is applied to the running surface, which provides superior adhesion to the non-skid coating.
  • Pennsy’s High Capacity Bridge Plate features an improved hinge design that will provide a longer service life, and smoother operation.

AAR Testing:

Tested to AAR specification M-951

Pennsy’s High Capacity Autorack Bridge Plate has been extensively tested to ensure safe operation. The Pennsy Bridge plate exceeded both the static load as well as the dynamic load requirements of AAR M-951.


  • High-visibility and durable anti-skid coating
  • Exceeds M-951 Static and Dynamic load requirements
  • Improved hinge durability
  • Improved non skid coating adhesion
  • 56” and 53” Lengths Available
  • Less than 40lbs

Recommended Practices:

  • Avoid contact with salt for extended periods of time, salt can cause corrosion and pitting of the Aluminum
  • Wherever possible, store Bridge Plates out of the elements and in upright positions
  • Regularly wash and inspect Bridge Plate for damage to the Aluminum, Hinge, or Anti-Skid coating
  • Always follow and conform to recommended practices and safety rules mandated by your Railroad and the AAR

Refurbishing Bridge Plates

Anti-Skid Coating

  • Remove worn or degraded anti-skid coating with a media/grit blaster using non-metallic media
  • Thoroughly wash Bridge Plate to remove any residue left from the media blast and prep surface
  • Apply suitable primer to promote adhesion of the Anti-Skid paint*
  • Apply Yellow Anti-Skid paint to running surface only**
  • If needed, purchase and apply new Bridge Plate Decal (PN2730.3/PN2734.3)
  • On the decal write “RF” and the date of refurbish with permanent marker

* Consult with coating manufacturer to determine proper primer/paint combination

** Follow coating manufacturer’s instructions for temperatures, coating thicknesses, and curing time

Bridge Plate Hinge

  • When installing Hinges to Bridge Plate use Grade 8 fasteners only, torque bolts to 90ft-lbs
  • Fasteners Required:
  • 6x –  1/2”-20 Hex Bolt 7/8” length
  • 6x –  1/2”-20 Distorted Thread Locknut

Pennsy Bridge Plate Hinge

Part# PN2730.2