Solar Rechargeable LED Safety Light

solar rechargeable led safety light

Part #: PN2603 Constant
Part #: PN 2631 Blinking

Available Colors: Yelow, Blue, Red, White, Green


Nighttime darkness makes it difficult to see potential hazards, reducing productivity and decreasing safety.

Electrical lighting cannot be installed everywhere, making it difficult to see trip hazards, switches, foul points and derails at night. This reduces productivity and decreases safety.


Pennsy's - Solar Rechargeable LED Safety Light

Simply fasten Solar Rechargeable LED Safety Light(s) outside near any issue area and enjoy maintenance free light from dusk to dawn. This will immediately increase awareness of trip hazards and allow for identification of switches, foul points and derails, improving productivity and safety.


  • Maintenance Free Operation; No Moving Parts
  • Low Cost of Ownership; 5+ Year Life Span
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High Visibility with Extra Reflective Panels
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation
  • Two thru holes for easy mounting (Nail or Screw)
  • Waterproof & Crush Resistant
  • Low Profile: Actual Size 4.25″e; (L) x 3.25″e; (W) x 0.90″e; (H)
led safety light