Greaseless Plug Door Sleeve – Auxilliary Position

Greaseless Plug Door Sleeve - Auxilliary Position

Part #: PN1844


Grease in Plug Door Arm Area Doesn't Last

Grease fittings are hard to reach and without routine maintenance, plug door arms seize and door operation is compromised. Lack of grease exposes metal on metal contact, increasing wear of door components. Additionally, grease attracts contaminants such as grit and dirt, making the opening and closing of doors more difficult.


Pennsy's Greaseless Plug Door Sleeves

The Pennsy Greaseless Plug Door Sleeve is a maintenance-free, self lubricating insert that eliminates the need for grease on plug door arms and maintains smooth operation of the door during
its service life. The advanced polymer material has high impact resistance and eliminates metal-on-metal contact to reduce wear on the brackets and door arms. The sleeve design allows for fast, simple installation and effective sleeve retention to offer years of trouble-free service.


  • Eliminates the Need for Grease and Reduces Job Code 4540 Maintenance Costs
  • Polymer Sleeve Material has Excellent Wear Characteristics and is Self-Lubricating
  • Eliminates Metal-on-Metal Contact, Drastically Reducing Costly Repairs
  • 1/8″ Half Sleeves Allow Easy Initial Application and Retrofit
  • Over Five Years of Service Have Proven Longevity and Performance

Grease-less Low Maintenance

greaseless plug door sleeve