Coupler Centering Wear Plate

Coupler Centering Wear Plate

Part #: PN2210


Bypassed Couplers Cause Extensive Damage To Bellmouth Strikers

Bypassed couplers cause extensive damage to bellmouth strikers, costing millions of dollars in car repair and lost time.

With couplers weighing up to 450 pounds, potential back injuries can result from railroad personnel moving couplers into position.

Metal to metal contact causes excessive wear between coupler shank and the striker carrier. Manganese wear plates are time consuming to install and are prone to cracking.


Pennsy's Coupler Centering Wear Plate

With Pennsy’s innovative design, the wear plate’s sloped sides help center the coupler, avoiding the incident of bypassed couplers.

The low friction coefficient material reduces the force required to move the coupler by 57%, reducing potential for back injury.

Hundreds of thousands of test cycles show that all wear is eliminated on the coupler shank.

Pennsy’s unique weld washers greatly reduce installation time.


  • Sloped ends reduce bypassed couplers
  • 60% reduction in effort to center an E69 coupler (from 107 to 45 pounds force)
  • Greatly reduced risk of back injury with low friction material
  • Metal to metal contact and associated wear eliminated
  • Reduced installation time with labor saving weld washer application
  • Over ten years of service experience

Coupler Centering Wear Plate